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Your home for wildly transformative intuition and creativity.

I started my coaching with Brianna almost two years ago , at the time I felt alone, confused, and unheard in my spiritual journey. Meeting Brianna was a true blessing. She helped me connect to myself in ways I did not know was possible. She did it in a manner that helped me connect to my intuition without her having to give me the answer as it should be in one’s journey to connecting to themselves. Her kind voice and comprehension of the spiritual world really helps you get down to the depths of yourself to move you forward in life and truly see the changes around you. She coaches you with such humbleness and kindness that you can truly express yourself and speak your truths. Thank you Brianna for all the help you have given me for it has truly helped me reach myself. I recommend her coaching for any one who feels like no one understands them, for anyone who can’t find answers and for anyone looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you find yourself , her coaching will help with that. I send you love and light.

Stephanie C.

Hi friends, I'm truly so grateful you landed on this page!

I believe if you've made it here, it's for a reason. :)

Whether you choose to attend one of our free events, you're looking for community, to book a reading, or to just to stop by and use my page as a mirror or inspiration, I'm glad you're here!


My name is Brianna and I help HSP's (highly sensitive people), empaths, and aspiring or active healers to discover and improve their connection to their spiritual and life purpose here on this planet so that we can make a tangible shift together for a kinder, peaceful, and sustainable world starting inside out! 


What we seek, we must be.


We can only do this through courageous self-exploration, shadow work, and of course.. living authentically from our heart space. <3

I offer holistic heart-space focused coaching and one-on-one sessions that dig deep into creating these changes and provide support along the journey. In our sessions we focus on strengthening your 'psychic and alignment antennae' deepening intuitive and energetic skillset so that can transform your own life as well as the lives of others. :) Each day being able to connect with your heart and your deeper purpose through sustainable small and big daily mindset and habit shifts. 

Through the practice of talk coaching, exploring and shifting beliefs, deep shadow work, and conscious action, we create the groundwork for an abundant life doing your soul work using the spiritual modalities that call to your heart. :-)


 I coach and provide readings through the lens that not everything will be perfect, but rather it's the perspective we view these experiences through that make the difference. My mission and the mission of Beyond Astral is to provide space for synchronicities to conspire, joy to be had, connections to be made in a space of authenticity and kindness where mistakes are not only accepted, but they are also encouraged. 

The spirit behind Beyond Astral is the idea that we CAN make a positive difference in others' lives, for the planet, and for ourselves by expanding our awareness of our purpose and simultaneously holding space for imperfections and the parts of ourselves that we reject and shun. Learning to truly love ourselves as a whole being.


I believe that through the power of transmutation, creativity, courage, and shadow work that we can truly live a life overflowing with love and alignment. <3

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The Wildly Intuitive Spirit Podcast

Not only are you a naturally intuitive spirit, you're a creator too! Join my guests and I as we dig into the nitty gritty of spiritual awakenings, tarot, creativity, psychic development, entrepreneurship from the soul, and living from your heart, authentically. 



Away with spiritual bypassing! We dig into it all with an honest, empowering, and growth-oriented perspective on each topic involved. 

Each episode feature's something unique, from candid conversations,

to guided affirmations and meditations.

Maggy B.

“Brianna gave me Reiki, a card reading and coaching after my session. Her Reiki was very healing. I felt like I got so much out of it. Even crying at one point. Her cards and coaching resonated with what I was healing during my reiki session. I highly recommend her. She has a very nurturing and sweet energy. A kind soul indeed."

Mary F.

"Yesterday I had my first reading w Brianna that left me feeling alive and joyful knowing I can be happy and solve the worries that has been bothering me.. Brianna made comfortable enough to just be me which I normally I would have been uncomfortable starting out talking about me and my worries. For that I am very grateful. I already booked another sessions I can't wait to used. Thank you."

Sherrie S.

“Brianna is amazing, insightful and intuitive. My first ever reiki experience was delightful and beautiful thanks to Brianna and her gifts. I hope to connect with her again soon!”

Being a spirit being having a human experience can be incredibly difficult (which I'm sure each and every one of us can attest to.) But truly, when we go through our first awakening, our initiation, the phase that wakes us up out of the treadmill of daily life, we witness the transformation of our perception of the world and ourselves. Usually in a way that exposes our fears, our dreams, where we've not lived authentically, and where we just know there is... more. Through the pressure we create diamonds, the pain we create clarity, breaking through illusions of self that were really never us in the first place. Masks that we used to survive, and masks that we thought we needed to wear. 

We often touch this space of more. More to be lived. More to life than just the 9 to 5. Not more in the material sense, but more to be connected to in our hearts and our soul. More abundance to be had so that we can serve others and support those we love. A life that allows us to create abundance and connect with others in a peaceful and honest way. 


Magnetically attracting those in alignment with our unique purpose here. Just by being us! :) 

Through deep self-work we create this new self. The alchemical magick of the human experience. Stripping away and rebuilding over and over.


If you're a HSP or HSP with traumatic experiences in your past, my readings and coaching can help to provide the tools and support to strengthen your physical and energetic boundaries so that you no longer feel like you're pouring from an empty cup. Often at this point all that's left in the cup is resentment and pain. But, when we build boundaries in a way that highlight our preferences and come from a place of understanding our deep 'why', we can build boundaries in a way that doesn't have to lock others out from our world. We can be discerning and build a relationship of like-minded, incredible people we may one day collaborate with! Relationships that take our best interests to heart, and us to theirs. This takes courageous self-reflection, but through doing so we experience tremendous transformation right in front of our very eyes. 

Not only do we dig into practical life shifts such as boundaries, we also dive into things such inner child integration and exploration, transforming and implementing ways to create a home and career that flows with grounded and joyful energy, building a strong daily spiritual and grounding practice, creating space to discover the ways that we enjoy connecting to our bodies, minds, spirit, guides and ancestors, reconnecting with mother earth and her healing energy, reconnecting and balancing the divine feminine, utilizing the seasons to help us better understand our rhythms, and so, so, so much more! 



Intuitive Purpose Coaching

I offer one-on-one intuitive purpose coaching to clients that want to find or live their joyful life's purpose.

During sessions we dig into the psychology of fears and obstacles that are holding you back and create fun and actionable exercises to start building your intuition, boundaries, confidence, and your life purpose project. We utilize the power of shaping and changing beliefs (as well as a dose of consistent and hard work) to create concrete change that sticks around and transforms into the life you've always dreamt of.  I also offer the option to learn modalities I teach including intuitive card reading, energy work, and intuitive artistry,


Reiki Sessions

Relaxation, rejuvenation, and intuitive guidance.

My Reiki and energy work sessions offer you energy and chakra balancing in addition to a detailed account of any intuitive messages I received during my session with you.

If guided or requested, I offer a mix of Reiki and oracle guidance for a fuller and even more transformative experience.

These sessions are great if you're seeking to create more peace, ready to release old and stagnant energy, or if you're seeking to create balance in your daily life.


Intuitive Card Readings

As a lifelong highly sensitive person, I offer a unique and empathetic style of empowering tarot + intuitive card readings.

My readings are guided by intuition and a softening into your energy so that I can provide an empathetic, empowering, and honest reading for you. With no single spread and no single approach, each reading provides what is intuitively needed. If you're looking for a gentler and truly growth-oriented experience this is the reading for you. 

As an extreme clairempath the language of feeling is a pillar of how I offer readings. I use a mix of clairempathy, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance during each session.

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Ready to make magick happen? :-)

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