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A Little Reminder: You Are Loved

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

You are a magical and incredible being of this universe.

You may not feel like you are good enough sometimes, but you are. You are always good enough, you may just not see it yet.

If you have come across these words, I want you to take it as a sign. Take it as the sign the universe lead you to. You were lead here to be reminded about how valuable you truly are.

There is only one you.


One unique burst of human life which is YOU. That is incredible. A perfect timing of circumstances conceived you. A beautiful being of consciousness. With the ability to think, love, and reflect.

Though you may have made mistakes and though you may have been someone other than you wanted to be in the past, all that matters is today. Who you choose to be today. Each day is a new and beautiful day. Each moment a new moment. A moment of rebirth to become the person you want to be. Each and every moment we are experiencing rebirth.

You. Your existence is an endless stream of possibilities of who you are. Any anything and everything you do contributes to the universal perspective. Anything you do is important.

It is okay to feel the way you are feeling. Any pain that you feel is justified. Any pain you feel is okay.

Anybody who has gone through what you went through would feel the same way. You have felt so many different emotions throughout your life. You have experienced the contrast of pain. But know, your life will not always be suffering. Even if your life has been nothing but suffering. I promise there is a way. Everything you have gone through happened exactly the way that it was supposed to. I promise things will get better when you trust and follow the signs. Listen to the whisper of mother earth. Listen to the whisper of your higher self. Listen to the whisper of the universe, leading you, and speaking to you.

You may hit roadblocks, and that is okay. That is normal. When you do, that means you are facing generational trauma that has been passed down for generation upon generation, and it is so very possible to transmute. To change. To let go of. And when you do, you will feel a peace that is unimaginable that radiates purely focused through your soul. A warmth in your memory. A warmth in your soul. Coming home once again. Coming home to the lightness that is the universal energy.

I promise there is a reason for your here if you just trust.

You are not alone. You are the dewdrop on the fresh morning grass. You are the rays of sunshine that peeks from within the clouds. You are purr of a cat. You are the glimmer on the ocean waves on a warm summer day.

You are a part of it all. You are the fabric of this reality. You are connected and always will be. As long as you remember this, you will always find your way. Just trust in the oneness that you come from. Trust and follow your heart. Trust where the universe is leading you. Always.



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