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The Full Story & Offering

My name is Brianna Underhill, and I am the owner of Beyond Astral. 


My goal is to help you rediscover your authentic self in a world that is always trying to mold you to be something else.

To create understanding and alignment between your mind and your heart. 


I will guide you to the tools you need to create sustainable happiness in your life, and discover the internal walls blocking your life & your spiritual goals through internal exploration, release practices, energy work, and deep shadow work.  Our goal will be to reframe limiting beliefs and thinking to a more positive and abundant perspective, while also creating space for the very valid and uncomfortable feelings that appear in the process. 


Shadow work can be hard and healing can be hard. If we don't have the tools to guide us back to our intuition when we get lost in the endless waves of life, it can be hard to reach any of our authentic goals at all. 

The purpose of this coaching is to help you have a toolbox full of tools that create clarity, provide guidance, happiness, purpose, joy, and so much more, so that when you've lost your direction, you've done the deep work that'll help you remember your path. You'll see the breadcrumbs left for you by spirit, so that you can continue to be guided towards your higher purpose and passion.


Abundance. Love. Happiness. Joy. 

These are all yours. 


I have over 10 years of study in the psychology and self-love realm.

I got my start in psychology due to the trauma I experienced in my early life. This included violence, gaslighting, taunting, as well as emotional manipulation and abuse.

As an empath I started out as an extremely bubbly child, who was also extremely sensitive. I was an absorber of energy from the beginning and so, by the age of 13 I quickly became sickly, and fell into the deepest, darkest and most isolating depression of my life. I couldn't get myself to laugh or smile. I started failing my classes, isolating myself, and I even had recurring step throat for a year and developed a rare rash caused by an immune deficiency.


This was the start of my awakening.

I had contemplated suicide but intuitively knew that I could get out of this hole I was in. I didn’t give up. I had two options, to sink or swim. I knew I wanted to swim. I knew I could have a better life than this.

Awakenings can be extremely dark and uncomfortable, it’s a time of questioning all that is our current reality, and I was doing just this. Even though I was in the process of finding who I was, I still felt extremely lost. I had an extreme lack of boundaries and awareness of who I wanted to be. This lead into a whole world of issues, including self-hate, self-harm, and the use of hard drugs and drinking heavily in order to cope with my past and what was my current reality. I did this up until the age of 19. I experienced strings of toxic and superficial relationships along with physical, mental, and sexual abuse because I felt I could not say no or I may hurt someone's feelings.

After years and years of dedicated non-stop study to find out how to answer all of my scary, confusing, existential questions, I starting getting answers. I started prioritizing and understanding self-love.  


The experience taught me the following:

  • How to create boundaries for myself and over time reduce the guilt felt by doing so.

  • How to hear what my intuition sounded like so that I could hear my own guide instead of always asking others what I should be doing.

  • How to tune into what my energy felt like so that I wouldn’t become totally immersed in someone else's energy.

  • How to create healthy coping mechanisms to keep me feeling at peace more and more each day so I would be prepared for the big changes I knew I was capable of.

  • How to create organization in my life and not allow my emotions to 100% dictate my life while still acknowledging and creating space for them.

  • How to believe that I was worth something and vocalize that so I could put myself out into the world to make changes.

  • How to differentiate between fears, past trauma, and real dangers in my life.

  • How to not allow the fear and scary thoughts and visualizations to push me into a corner and become paralyzed.

  • How to become someone who acts with what they believe more often than not and work towards being aligned each day.

  • How to find direction within of the fog I was in.

  • How to be creative after losing creativity at age 14 and becoming focused on drugs and escapism.

I learned how to create overall wellness in my life from the ground up.

Psychology is my hobby, my passion, and love.


My goal is to share this practical wealth of knowledge with others. To provide integrative healing using several types of healing modalities including sound healing, oracle reading, and many types of coping skills and creative skills to enhance and heal the soul. It's a safe space for people to be themselves no matter what. To bring light to any and all who feel they’ve lost it, and help others in their quest to find the light.

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