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Law of Attraction with Brianna 

You are infinitely abundant. 

"Like attracts like", "we attract what we are", "we attract what we believe", "thoughts become things". We can also look at the famous "ask and you will receive" as quoted by Abraham Hicks. There are many ways to say this, but they all essentially boil down to represent the rules of one of several universal energy laws called "The Law of Attraction." When we become aware of how the Law of Attraction works, we can use it as new knowledge to take ownership and control the fate of our life. We are not fixed and stuck where we are, we always have the option of shifting our life around and turning into something we desire.


How the Law of Attraction Works

1. Feeling & desire create all

It's so important to get into the state of "flow" before we start a project. Depending on if we are acting on something that we are passionate about or not, it may be hard or even impossible to get into this feel-good feeling flow. Think about this example, we are going to college to be an accountant because our parents think we should be an accountant. We hate numbers, and hate everything having to do with accounting. We are actually passionate about art, and daydream all day about doing art projects. It would be very hard to get into the feel-good flow and have fun while working on the accounting homework. This means we are moving in the direction opposite from our flow, and we need to redirect our energy to something that gives us a sense of energy. In the case of this example, that would be art. Before we can find the feeling, we have to enjoy the topic we are immersing ourselves in, or at least the idea of it. 

2. Feelings and thoughts lead hand in hand

Using that example of us going to school to be an accountant, remember when I said that we day dream about doing art projects? That is the THOUGHT and the FEELING. That would be the moment to get into the flow and start that art project. What we put energy into grows. We want to make sure we are putting our energy into the things that we actually desire. We can put in hard effort for things that are not within our vision of desire, but when we do so, we are not moving towards the things that will truly bring us the happiness and feel good feelings that we all desire. 

3. Thoughts create our reality 

We create our reality physical reality from thought form first. Think about it, the first lightbulb was first envisioned before it was created, the first spaceship was sketched and dreamed before it was manifested, and any sort of art design near you was first FELT, THOUGHT, and then ACTION was taken. This leads us to #4.

4. Action brings the thought to life

If we don't take action, we will never manifest the physical idea that is within our minds. If we have a hard time taking action, but have the desire to take action, soon enough when we are ready WE WILL take action.


There is science to the Law of Attraction. There is a part in our brain called the reticular activating system, and this is the part of your brain that determines what is important to you, based on what you determine is important. It then filters out the unimportant and focuses in on what you have told it to focus in on. Here is a common example, lets say you just did a ride share in a green hybrid car and you loved the car. After that moment you may notice as you are walking around you now notice all the green hybrid cars. You see all opportunities having to do with the subject that you told you brain was of importance. This is how we attract what we think. When we tell our brain something is important, good or bad, our brain in programmed to filter in information having to do with that topic, and filter out other topics that simply take up space in our mind. 

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